Parish School of Religion

Mission Statement and Philosophy

We are brothers and sisters united with him as Our Lady of Providence Parish Family. Because of God's presence among us and within us,all our efforts are channeled to build up the Body of Christ in our parish family, the community in which we live, our archdiocese and the world. We are living examples of the Gospel alive in Jesus to help celebrate each other's joys and share each other's burdens, to be at peace with one another andreconcile when the need presents itself.

To achieve this purpose, the Parish School of Religion takes as its model the four goals established by the document "To Teach As Jesus Did:"

We will strive to teach the message of Jesus through weekly religious education of those children in our parish who attend public or non-religious schools. We will do all in our power to make Jesus come alive for the children in their daily lives and to foster situations where families can do this.

We will strive to build community within our individual class-rooms and within the entire PSR. We will foster communication and cooperation with the OLP day school through shared projects, sacramental preparation and reception, and also involvement in parish activities.

We will promote service to others in our classroom instruction and offer opportunities for the children to serve the parish as well as the larger parish community.

We offer opportunities for the children to participate in prayer, song, liturgy and sacrament. We will encourage them to incorporate such forms of worship into their daily lives. We will strive to meet these goals through instruction, example and practice at all levels and in all facets of the Parish School of Religion

PSR Enrollment

The Parish School of Religion begins the First Monday in September following Labor Day. Classes run on most Monday evenings during the regular school year. Classes run from 6:45 to 8 pm. A Paris School of Religion Calendar and Hand book are given out on the first night of PSR which is held as "Open House" for both parents and children.

Download Registration Form

  • There is a registration fee of $50. per family
  • New students must provide proof of Baptism upon enrollment

Contact PSR Coordinator Peggy Krupp | PKrupp@stclementschool.com