Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

ACTS Retreats

ACTS retreats are held annually for men and for women. ACTS stands for Adoration, Community, Theology and Service and is a parish-centered weekend conducted mostly by laypeople. It is an exploration of the basics of Catholic faith that renews people’s hearts and helps them renew their spiritual practice. To find out more about ACTS, call Mike Marchi at 849-2741.

Bible Study

Bible Study allows us to become acquainted with the history and characters of the bible and relate the bible stories to our everyday lives. Our studies offer short, 6-8 week courses on various books or themes of scripture. Lessons consist of small group discussion followed by video lecture. It is designed for people who want to learn more about the bible, not for experts. Bible Study helps bring a new perspective on faith and life, offers a joyous challenge, and an amazing fellowship within our fabulous OLP community of believers. For information call Mary Randant at 359-0576.

White House Retreat

The men of OLP usually have their retreat in July and the women’s retreat is usually in October. For more information contact John Richmond for the men’s retreat at 314-581-688, Mary Ann Richmond for the women’s retreat at 314-842-5038 or the White House Office at 314-416-6400 for details.

Parish School of Religion

We are brothers and sisters united with him as Our Lady of Providence Parish Family. Because of God's presence among us and within us,all our efforts are channeled to build up the Body of Christ in our parish family, the community in which we live, our archdiocese and the world. We are living examples of the Gospel alive in Jesus to help celebrate each other's joys and share each other's burdens, to be at peace with one another andreconcile when the need presents itself.

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