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Providence Fest 2019

Posted on July 22, 2019 in: General News

Providence Fest 2019

Mark your calendars for Saturday October 12, 2019. Providence Fest 2019 is a go! As I announced last week in this column a committee of three emerged from the parish to chair the activities of Providence Fest. Allow me to introduce them: Catie Dandridge (husband Ken), Aley Holman (husband Josh), Elisa Moore (husband Vic). Each of them are parents of a 1st grade child of HCA on the OLP campus and a child in the 3 year-old room of the Pre-school program of HCA, also on the OLP campus. Personally, I am so very grateful to these ladies for stepping forward. This leadership requires the participation and support of every parishioner.

Already they have begun to reach out to parishioners to gather information on the events of the festival over the past few years and to learn from that experience. They are planning to meet to prepare for all the various activities of the day. I implore you to first, be attentive to the various announcements in the bulletin, on the parish website, on social media regarding these activities. Second, give some serious thought to volunteering some of your time. This is a big event and many hands make for lighter work for all. We need you! Third, plan to attend and encourage friends and neighbors to join us. And lastly, (especially given last year’s unfortunate weather), Pray for good weather for the day. Catie, Aley & Elisa (& husbands) thanks for your generosity. And to all parishioners, thank you for your continued support.

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